UnivTrack for Students

UnivTrack is home to a world database of students for candidates interested in enhancing their academic interests whether for higher studies or jobs in academia. The mega database of students, researchers and scholars aims at hosting complete profile information of the candidate such that targeted institutions may view them.

We encourage students to self enroll themselves and rely on a pure and competitive admission and selection process free of any additional expenses. Students are also urged to opt for premium level verification on personal background information as a part of a system of self authentication. Authenticated backgrounds would naturally receive more importance at the university level for a nominal service fee.


Premium Upgrade

University Reports


Student Registration

UnivTrack registration opens doors to universities around the globe to directly view a student's profile uploaded at the UnivTrack portal. This service helps students automatically reach out to every university that views the world database of students.

Students are urged to provide authentic information on this platform so that the rightmost admission opportunities can be identified

Student Verification

Students may opt for verification of uploaded information with UnivTrack where they receive the premium status and are upgraded to the premium list of candidates. Student Profiling is mandatory to avail this service

Basic verification advantages


Universities have confidence in information uploaded by students


Higher chances of being selected and viewed as there are no last minute surprises on candidate profiles


Profile is free of errors

Basic verification advantages






University/College Verification


Work Place Verification


ID Verification

Get Verified

Verification Fee is INR 2000 for Indian students

University Report

Report services to be functional by June 2018

key objectives


To provide students with a consolidated world view on prospective universities/institutes where they can apply and/or where their candidacy may receive high priority


Students can self generate these reports without depending on any external agency


Have access to university information on brochures uploaded, period of application, etc.

Find your best success rate with an application

Compare University based on rankings, accetable GRE/TOEFL score and percentage of students admited annually

University report advantage

UnivTrack is totally geared towards student interests and how they would like to consider their academic interests. Simply fill out our query form for the answers. The service is payable and charges a student based on volume of information requested.


Kindly note: If information collated generates information on more than 10 universities, UnivTrack shall request your permission for an advanced service. This service is not available for more than 20 universities